CYREN Email Security


  • Most businesses run on ‘unstructured’ data. Unstructured data holds many of the interactions within the company by employees, and outside the company with customers that take place outside of standard applications, such as CRM or ERP. Email is by far the largest repository of unstructured data, so the ability to effectively secure email inboxes from unwanted spam and threats like malware and phishing is critical. Today’s preferred delivery model for both providers and customers for this protection is ‘as-a-service’.
  • CYREN EmailSecurity combines inbound and outbound antispam, antivirus, and virus outbreak detection components in a seamless, easy end-user experience. With CYREN EmailSecurity, partners can rapidly and affordably satisfy customer demand for email security as-a-Service. You can take your email security “to the cloud”, as our award-winning spam, phishing, and malware detection capabilities ensure uninterrupted email communications for your customers.


  • CYREN EmailSecurity combines maximum protection for your customers and maximum cost-efficiency for you, all backed by a partner with 15+ years of proven excellence in global software as a service (SaaS) operations.
  • CYREN EmailSecurity uses the CYREN GlobalView™ Cloud, which collects and analyzes billions of transactions per day, to deliver unmatched insight into, and protection against emerging security threats. Our patented Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) automatically analyzes collected traffic to provide accurate spam and phishing classifications based on a unique global view of outbreaks.


  • To protect customer privacy, emails are fingerprinted and then only fingerprints are analyzed against the RPD database. In this way, no sensitive customer data is ever sent to the cloud. If the email is spam, or contains malware it is processed according to the customer’s specified business rules, with options such as reject, tag and deliver, reroute, or send to quarantine.


  • Fastest time to market - be up and running with email security as a service in hours Automated provisioning and management - our APIs automate provisioning and customer administration
  • High-quality detection - our market-leading detection offers >99% spam blocking and guarantees zero false positives, so customers enjoy great protection
  • Brandable – brand as your own, or co-brand using “Powered by CYREN”
  • Proven– CYREN powers 8/11 “Leader” or “Visionary” vendors in the email security Gartner Magic Quadrant™ protecting >550 million users in 190 countries
  • Massive scale –EmailSecurity runs on a platform processing billions of transactions a day across 12 global data centers
  • Partnership - because we don’t sell to end users, we can focus on making our partners successful


  • Reduce cost – pay for only the security you need without the hardware and software required to support it
  • Superior service quality - benefit from the cloud-based platform used by world-class global organizations such as BMW, SAP, and ThyssenKrupp
  • No specialized skills - an intuitive management interface makes the system easy to administer without the need for specialized security skills
  • Strict privacy - our patented Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology never searches actual email contents, so your email data remains private

“Our organization must be able to communicate by email at all times – even in the face of spam waves or denial-of-service attacks. CYREN EmailSecurity gives us that assurance.”
Leading German Multinational