Business relations

The largest and actively working Bulgarian companies in the field of information and communication technologies are in constant contact with the Laboratory to ensure specialized information in the field of information security.

A serious part of the activities of the Laboratory covers the restore of application or system data of end user configurations or corporate system and structural network configurations.

Most often they are in full or partial inefficiency due to malicious computer or communications attacks, malicious operator actions or errors provoked by lack of qualifications and competence.

The main users of this type of activity are the departments of public administration, trade organizations, companies, hospitals, schools, universities, private individuals and others.

Constantly expanding part of the activities of the Laboratory includes the evaluation of systems for access to different other computer and communication systems, with particular attention being paid to approbation of systems for information protection of infrastructure objects and facilities which have a computer and communications connectivity to Internet, Intranet and Extranet, where there is a risk from malicious attacks.

This type of activity covers almost all departments and organizations involved in the protection of critical national information infrastructure.

One of the most important parts of Laboratory activities includes detection, analysis and assessment of the main types of malicious software.

This activity, most often contain localization of binary objects with tempered or modified content, and extraction of binary signatures for recognizing and stopping attacking content.

The results of this activity are used primarily for express response and prevention of further losses in the already "compromised" security systems of agencies, organizations and structures of the executive, legislative and juridical authorities.