Computer threads and malicious software description



Category: Malware

Parameters: Platform: HTML

Short description

Under the name Fraud are recognized fake e-mail messages and Web-HTML sites.

Long description

E-mail messages and websites are recognized as Trojan-Spy.HTML.Fraud.

Detection are the result of improper use of HREF tags from the planned corresponding hyperlinks.

The false message or website actually masquerade the hyperlink.

This is an example for incorrect used HREF tag:

<a href=http:⁄⁄>http:⁄⁄<⁄a>

The HREF tag shown in the example redirects to "", at the same time on the screen is displayed that it redirects to "".

Example is displayed:

Fraud link redirection

The link directs to

Fraud link status bas

Masked links used by phisher to enforce victims to visit these fake websites where they can steal personal information about their bank accounts.