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Meeting of the Support to the Danube Strategy

Meeting of the Support to the Danube Strategy


Scientific meeting of the Scientific Support to the Danube Strategy

21-22 March 2013, Joint Research Center, Ispra, Italy

Presenter: Assoc. Prof. Dimitrina Polimirova

In 2012 Joint Research Center of European Commission (JRC) started an initiative for providing scientific support for achieving the objectives of EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR).

The aim of JRC is gathering in one place the existing scientific examinations and scientific data to support policy makers and other interested parties to identify the policy measures and actions related to the effective implementation of the Danube Strategy.

JRC foresees the building of four major thematic clusters:

1. Danube Water Nexus;
2. Danube Land and Soil Nexus;
3. Danube Air Nexus;
4. Danube Bio-energy Nexus.

The activities of the all four thematic clusters will be supported by two horizontal initiatives of JRC:

a) Database of scientific data about the Danube region
b) Smart specialization strategy for the Danube region.

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