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ALDE Seminar

ALDE Seminar


Alliance for Liberal and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Seminar
Suject: "Modern Technologies for Sustainable EU Future"

Presenter: Prof. Eugene Nickolov, DSc.

Topic: "Policy, Industrial and Technological Challenges"

This seminar aims at exploring how strategic metal's challenges can be turned into opportunities by focusing on the potential of nanotechnologies and modeling and material recycling' potential and waste management in Europe as two paths for tackling the EU raw materials dependence and securing a sustainable and resource-efficient future for Europe. Innovative techniques and technologies to exploit the full potential of nanotechnologies and raw material recycling are of crucial importance for securing a competitive and sustainable development for EU industries. Efficient recycling practices have the potential to reduce largely the demand for primary raw materials and ultimately reduce climate change impact.

Nanotechnology is one of the key enabling technologies due to its potential contribution to sustainable development in Europe. The seminar will explore different applications of nanotechnologies in various field related to environmental protection, energy efficiency, resource efficiency, and their potential to present a win-win solution and transformation into eco-efficient and innovative growth.

The seminar will further explore the role of Research, Development & Innovation for securing sustainable supply of strategic metals for the EU through both the development of innovative and more efficient and less costly technologies for meeting Europe's energy and industry needs, and though the development of innovative recycling methods to ensure Europe is utilizing the full potential of its own resources while protecting the environment.

The seminar will bring together policy-makers, academia and industry representatives to discuss future policies and strategies for innovation, for nanotechnologies development and for securing raw materials and energy independence for Europe. The seminar will further explore the potential of fostering a strong and efficient collaboration between academia and industry to exploit the full potential of knowledge sharing, centers of excellence, and innovation partnerships across the EU.

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