National Laboratory of Computer Virology, BAS



National Science Program "Information and Communication Technologies for Unified Digital Market in Science, Education and Security"


Project Period: 2019 - 2021

Project URL:

The program includes three main areas in which related activities are distributed. Its scope allows effective implementation of the set goals and overall improvement of the electronic infrastructure for open science, the application of digital technologies in education and information security. The specific directions of the program are:

  • Component 1: Electronic infrastructure for open science and open access to scientific results(К1
  • Component 2: Digital technologies in teaching, learning, working with young talents and special target groups(К2)
  • Component 3: Information Security(К3)

Participation of the National Laboratory of Computer Virology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the Program

Component 2

Work package 2.1. Open educational resources

Scientific task 2.1.2 Open online educational courses for free use

Component 3

Work package 3.1. Monitoring, prevention and response to accidents

Scientific task 3.1.1 Annual updated analysis of the ten most dangerous threats to information security with profiling to open data, academia, schools, civil society and public administration.

Scientific task 3.1.3 Providing consultations on cybersecurity issues to entities from universities, research institutes, schools, public administration.

Scientific task 3.1.4 Analysis, development of recommendations and provision of consultations on the implementation of the GDPR in entities from universities, research institutes, schools, public administration.

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