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Memorandum of Cooperation

Memorandum of Cooperation

Between NLCV-BAS and IS

On September 10, 2020, in Sofia, NATIONAL LABORATORY OF COMPUTER VIRUSOLOGY at the BULGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES and "INFORMATION SERVICE" AD signed a memorandum of cooperation.
By signing the memorandum, each of the Parties declared its readiness for joint participation, cooperation and / or support in:

  • conducting joint research, research and analysis of malicious code, current and new vectors of attack and threats to information security;
  • analysis of the consequences and restoration of the normal functioning of IT services and systems as a result of cyber attacks;
  • development of innovative methods for protection of information assets;
  • sharing expertise and joint training and participation in seminars and conferences;
  • participation in joint projects in the field of information security.

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