National Laboratory of Computer Virology, BAS

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Online cybersecurity training

Online cybersecurity training

Monitoring cyber attacks in real time by using honeypots

ННП ИКТ в НОСThe training is conducted under the National Research Program "Information and Communication Technologies for a Digital Single Market in Science, Education and Security", funded by the Ministry of Education and Science.


  • Какво е хънипот (honeypot)
  • Telnet и SSH honeypot (Cowrie)
  • SMB honeypot(Dionaea)
  • ADB honeypot (ADBHoney)
  • RDP honeypot (RDPHoneypot)
  • Printer honeypot (IPPHoney)
  • ELK honeyport (Elasticpot)

Date: 2 November 2021

Start: 18:00 PM

Type: On-line


Language: Bulgarian

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