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The new bulletin Cyber Threats has been published

The new bulletin Cyber Threats has been published

Analysis of the attacks in September 2021

The monthly bulletin of the National Laboratory of Computer Virology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has been published, containing an analysis of the attacks carried out on an academic structure in September 2021.

The data from the bulletins are extracted from the monitoring system for accomplished attacks, located in the IP space of the Laboratory.


  1. Top Countries
  2. Top links from which files are uploaded
  3. Protocols used
  4. Top passwords used
  5. Attacks
  6. World map of the attacks
  7. Logs and uploaded files
  8. Top 10 malware
  9. Top 6 IP addresses
  10. Hourly histogram of logins
  11. Average number of attacks from top IP addresses and top organizations

You can download the monthly newsletter from the InfoLab --> Bulletins menu. 

More data for the current and previous months can be found in the monitoring system of the Laboratory (buttom STATISTICS).

Language: Bulgarian

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