What our customers say

"We are grateful to NLCV for the high professionalism in solving the problem with restoration of significant administrative information stored on damaged discs. Information is restored from archaeological studies conducted in 2012 and that work can not be re-held."

National Archaeological Institute with Museum - BAS

„Serve sincere thanks to the staff of NLCV for its cooperation concerning the recovery of valuable information on one of our work stations. We express our satisfaction with the quick response and competently handling difficult situations.”

"InfoElectronic" – Ltd.

„Thanks to the team of the National Laboratory of Computer Virology for its assistance in connection with the recovery of valuable data from hard drive, which saved us a lot of extra resources to recoup losses. We serve the most sincere respect for your team and for his responsiveness and competence. We hope that in the future we can rely on your services.”

Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy - BAS

„Thanks for assistance of NLCV for removing a damage in important to us computer, and for comprehensive and useful information given to us by the team related to the  rules for use and storage of data on portable drives.”

Institute for Microbiology - BAS

"We express our heartfelt thanks to NLCV - BAS in relation to professional and competent support of associates of NLCV for troubleshooting, related to the security in computer system of the Association. We are grateful for their expertise and responsiveness."

Association of Information Society